Web SecurityHow to protect your email from spam

Well, for sure you open your email every day and your friends open their email every day and your colleagues at work open their email every day.
Now, imagine that you receive one spam so what you should do to protect your email.

Here are some steps that can help you to protect your email from spam.

1. Set up a Spam Filter
The first thing you need to do when you set up a new email account is to set up a spam filter that will decrease the chances of ever getting spam. However, even if you have experienced a spam email, you can set up a spam filter at any time and it will start working as soon as it is installed.
Some of the recommend spam filters that can be used is SpamAssassin software.

2. Don’t open any links from unknown sources

You should open emails from your friends or from people you know but in case you receive an email from unknown source don’t open the email and mark it as spam so next time it will go directly to the spam folder.

In case you open the email make sure to not click on any link or reply to the email.

3. Be careful to whom you give your email

When some shops or brands ask you to provide your email, actually they are planning to advertise their services to you by email so make sure that you provide your email address to the right people.