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Your customers have high web performance expectations for your website. Improve your website load times by up-to 20x with our website speed optimization service and get a similar rating as below from Google.

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Why does your website speed matter?

47 per cent of e-commerce customers expect page loading speed of less than two seconds until they consider leaving – 40 per cent of users will leave the site in the third second of loading, before a performance monitoring tool even detects their presence on the site. The total conversion peak load time is just 2 seconds-faster than millions of websites.

Improve your search ranking on Google

Google has weighed the loading speed of a site as essential criterion since 2010, when deciding how it ranks in comparison to other comparable sites. To put it another way, quicker loading sites are seen more favorably than the slower counterparts. By significantly speeding up the loading speed of your websites we will help you boost your search ranking. We'll send you a report before and after you've used our service.

Put Images on a Diet

The main reason why optimizing your images is so important is that 90% of most webpages rely heavily on graphics, so there is a great deal of digital images. Having left these images uncompressed and in the wrong format can significantly slow loading speed of your website. Enhancing web images can reduce your total loading time by 80 percent. Full optimization of images can be quite a process to perfect, as there are such a wide range of image data which you might be dealing with.

Supercharge your WordPress Site

Got WordPress? No regrets on that! Let's get it to load faster instantly. We'll optimize your WordPress to give your WordPress website an SEO boost in a fast and reasonable manner! Our WordPress optimization process includes cache configuration, image optimization and CSS/JS minification.

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Don't subject your visitors to long waits when visiting your site - they won't stick around.

Website Speed Optimization

Let us do the hard work!

We carry out the process, relieving you from all the concerns. Our website optimization strategies have been designed efficiently. Focus on your company while we manage what makes your website quicker and better.­­­­

  • Custom Server Configuration
  • Image Optimization
  • Code Optimization (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Website Cache Setup
  • Custom DNS Configuration
  • Page Speed Before-After Report
  • Database Optimization
  • CDN Setup & Configuration
  • Server Software Configuration
  • WordPress Plugin Installation
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