Email HostingAll you need to know about email hosting.

Why get a paid e-mail hosting: Customizing your email address that includes the company domain helps to boost the credibility of the company. Additionally, getting a tailored email address for your corporate emails that involve the domain name gives you full control over the email server. This will also help your business to further your brand name.

    • Protocols needed: In order to ensure better email flexibility it is necessary that the email hosting company provides access to IMAP/POP/POP3, as they ensure multiple device accessibility.
    • Security: To ensure the confidentiality and security of your emails, it is necessary that the email hosting service provider provides protection against viruses and firewall features. A TLS encryption would be an advantage.
    • Email filtering: Having the ability to organize and filter your business emails according to the specific settings will enable you to increase your work efficiency
    • Spam Protection: It is a simple feature and should be included by all email hosting services. Ensure the given spam security program is robust and effective.
    • Customer Service: By having a company dedicated email server, you will be able to respond to customer queries more accurately and efficiently.
    • Additional Features: Features such as webmail and automatic replies would also be necessary. Webmail enables you to access your mailbox via a web browser, which is basically what happens when you use the web-based interface of free email services. Automatic replies would be an additional setting allowing you to respond to certain emails based on certain triggers.

A well-hosted email server will help you build credibility, further your brand name, and give you full control. Blesshost provides the most best and affordable email hosting services across different emirates in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah). Our email hosting services include all the above-mentioned services to ensure your corporate emails are accurately filtered and well secured.