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What is a blog?

In short, a blog is a kind of site that spotlights mostly on specified substance.

How to start your blog?

Well, First decide what is the content of your blog were in case you’re working on a business, organization or association, then your blog ought to be identified with the products or services you give, or the cause you advance.
In case you’re an individual, you have greater adaptability with the content decision.
Secondly, start thinking of which blogging platform you want to choose.WordPress is the most popular source that provides adaptability, usefulness, convenience and expansive group of individuals who share ideas and thought.
Third, start looking for a good company that provides the hosting and the domain for your blog. Well, you are here.
BlessHost provides the best servers to host your website with best security and site protection so all people can view your blog.
On the other hand, you can also get a domain on your own choice were BlessHost offers all major Top Level Domains with flexibility,
theft protection, and privacy protection.
Finally, after getting all of that done you are now to start designing your blog as you want.